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Connected Speech

"Americans 'eat their words'."

"British accents are hard to understand because they mumble too much."

These are two comments I hear often from my English students.

If you find that you don't understand the little words in a sentence, it's probably due to connected speech. Connected speech is the way that speakers link words together so that their sentences flow nicely. There are many similarities of connected speech in American English, British English, Australian English, etc.

During my English lessons, it is possible to study connected speech in order to improve not only your listening comprehension, but also your own accent.

Have you ever ordered in a restaurant in the USA or in England and the waiter didn't understand you?

Improving your knowledge of connected speech could help to solve this problem.

Connected speech is the key to sounding more like a native speaker.

Here is a video that explains some real-life examples of connectes speech:

Schedule a lesson with me to learn all the steps of connected speech and begin improving your English!

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